Arkema/ANR industrial chair “HOMERIC”

Research topic #2

Mutualized research environment and scale-up tools for organic electronic materials


The HOMERIC program will establish a platform acting as a center of competence for new materials designed for organic electronics applications, with the aim to aggregate a number of strategic partnerships from academic, governmental and industrial institutions.

Task: Platform definition, coordination and promotion

The platform, dedicated to cooperation and transfer, will provide a scientific and technical environment in which different partners can agglomerate and find the required expertise and tools to develop organic electronics applications. In particular, the use of the infrastructures of the EquipEx ELORprintTec and the laboratories of the Chair will be accessible to companies wishing to develop organic electronic technologies, products and/or to provide solutions to existing technologies with materials such as those developed in the framework of HOMERIC. We have the ambition with this initiative to extend the number of industrial partners both upstream and downstream in the value chain of the organic electronic industry. The feedback from these activities will also contribute to the definition of future equipment purchase or upgrading. The ultimate objective is to use this environment for the establishment of a European platform within the Key Enabling Technologies (KET) Horizon 2020 program dedicated to materials and their applications for Organic Electronics.