Arkema/ANR industrial chair “HOMERIC”

Research topic #5

Ferrotronics: blends of semiconducting/ferroelectric polymers for solar energy harvesting and lighting applications


This research topic targets the incorporation of ferroelectric polymers in organic electronic devices. Due to the dipoles inherent to their structure, ferroelectric polymers can be electrically active or responsive. Our efforts are oriented towards the exploitation of this merit to conceive and implement novel electronic devices.

This Work Package is divided in two tasks, each one targeting a different category of electronic devices and applications. In the first task a device that converts light into electricity will be prepared and optimized, while in the second we will work on devices that generate light. In both cases ferroelectric polymers will play a major role in the working principle of devices.

To achieve the fabrication of the devices described above, an integrated study of the structural, electronic, electrical and ferroelectric properties of the blends of PVDF-based (co-)polymers with semiconducting (co-)polymers in the three ferroelectric states of interest (no poling, positive poling, negative poling) should precede. Moreover novel ferroelectric-b-semiconducting copolymers should be synthesized and studied.