Arkema/ANR industrial chair “HOMERIC”

Research topic #1

Synthetic methods and concepts of hierarchization


The objective is to develop and optimize synthetic methods for the design of hierarchical structures as well as define efficient characterization methodologies in order to map-out the mesostructures at different length scales inherent to the (self-)assembling of the synthesized building blocks.

The general synthetic strategy of the HOMERIC project consists in starting from functional monomers and going to complex structures as depicted in the scheme below.

Four tasks will be performed:

  • a. Well-defined macromolecular architectures through controlled polymerization.
  • b. Complex ink component architectures through green sustainable heterogeneous processes.
  • c. Combination of functionalities in complex architectures and physical chemical characterization of the interdependent functionalities.
  • d. Characterization of the (self-)assembly behavior of multi-functionalized structures.