Arkema/ANR industrial chair “HOMERIC”

Research topic #4

Conducting and electrophoretic inks for electronic devices and displays


For targeted applications such as flexible electronic devices and flexible displays we propose to develop conductive and electrophoretic inks specifically designed for low cost fabrication techniques based on inkjet printing and/or roll to roll processes.

This Work package is divided in two tasks. In The first one we will prepare conductive inks based on dispersions of semi-conducting polymers. These inks will have to meet requirements such as good processability and stability, high conductivity. For those which will not fulfill good characteristics in terms of roughness and transparency, they will be evaluated as low resistive pastes.

In the second task we will prepare electrophoretic inks of two types, bicolor and quadricolor. Bicolor inks will be based on core-shell structures combining pigments and charged polymers. Multicolor inks particles will be sensitive to various stimuli such as electric and magnetic.

Common to all these inks are the Dispersion polymerization techniques and the formulation methodologies from lab-scale to manufacture.